Personal and Business VAT Advisor

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We’ll help you improve your VAT position because we’re more than standard Chartered Accountants:

  • Some of our staff has previously worked for HMRC – so we know how to effectively work with them – on your behalf. 
  • We provide comprehensive advice. As a result, you receive great value because a single discussion can leverage multiple areas of our expertise

We can advise across all of your business, and personal, tax affairs. We’ll optimise your current situation – and help you better plan for your future.

We advise in the following areas of VAT taxation:

Business VAT Advisor Services

Personal VAT Advisor Services

Examples of Our VAT Advisor Services

  • Our team has advised on partial exemption matters in order to secured a one off refund of several £100,000’s and reduce ongoing irrecoverable VAT by a similar amount. This enabled the company to continue to trade.
  • We secured a VAT refund for a disabled tax client on domestic construction works as part of home improvements.
  • We advised a client in the healthcare industry on how to improve its competitiveness by applying VAT reliefs which were passed onto customers.
  • We advised a property development client on the purchase of commercial property and converting it to residential property. Our advice enabled our client to acquire the property by reducing its development costs.
  • We obtained a new client from another accountant which has resigned as the work was too complex. The group comprised three UK limited companies and acquired goods from China by shipping container which docked at various ports in Europe for onward transmission to consumers. We explained European VAT and eliminated his UK VAT exposure and eased his angst over UK tax matters allowing him to focus on his business.

Contact us for help managing and minimising your VAT – or resolving historic issues