Cross Border VAT

Our Experience

We advise clients on the implications of dealing with non-UK suppliers and customers. The Brexit world has brought additional administrative headaches and cross border VAT challenges.

Many of our clients are regularly import and export goods. We have assisted many of them with their cross border VAT requirements and we have substantial experience in this area.

The Cross Boarder VAT Problem

Import VAT can be a cashflow headache.

Export VAT can be difficult manage correctly. The transportation route of goods also affects VAT.

Many businesses require imports to be duty free. This means, in order to ensure goods are not held by customs that duty need to be paid by the seller.

Dealing with EU countries complex as the rules are designed to avoid competition based on different VAT rates. So there are local, national, VAT rules within an EU wide framework.

There is one EU market but many points of entry/exit. This significantly complicates VAT analyses.

This affects importers and exporters. The type of customer, type of sale (services, goods, digital online products, land based) – all impact VAT across the EU – and so the UK.

Examples of Help We’ve Provided

  • We advised an online merchandise platform how to structure their business to avoid the administrative headache of cross border VAT reporting.
  • When a client’s previous accountant resigned due to the complexity of their international VAT we undertook a review of their operations. We explained the VAT implications enabling them to become VAT compliant (for the first time!)
  • We advised a listed US group how to structure its European businesses including the delivery of good from manufacture to customer delivery.

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