Property / Real Estate VAT Advisor

Photo of Linda Johnson in our London office

Our Real Estate VAT Expertise

We advise property developers, property buyers and construction businesses, on:

  • Recovering VAT on incurred VAT on projects
  • Optimising VAT on the purchase (and sale) of properties

We’ll help you improve your Property / Real Estate Tax position because we’re more than standard Chartered Accountants.

We can advise across all of your business, and personal, affairs. We’ll optimise your current situation – and help you better plan for your future.

The complexity of the legislation means the many anomalies to the legislation require careful navigation to avoid traps and minimise tax.

Property Complexity

Property VAT is complex:

  • The type of building and its age can impact VAT.
  • The specifics of the usage of a residential property requires expertise to ensure the best VAT outcome.
  • VAT on a property purchase can substantially increase costs, financing needs and reduce profits.
  • The VAT rules can allow for option to enter into the VAT regime. 

Contact us to learn how to plan, reduce or recover property VAT – and increase your profits.