Manish Shah

Accountants Ealing London Manesh Shah

Tax Manager


  • I passed all my internal tax examinations whilst employed as a Revenue Officer and Revenue Executive for the Inland Revenue.
  • 45 years experience.


Manish started his career working for HM Revenue & Customs and after 13 years with them moved to a private practice where he works to minimise clients’ tax bills.

As a personal Tax Manager he has a broad tax background as well as exposure to Non-Residence tax issues, Section 9 A Enquiries, Digital Disclosure Services and helps client’s to mitigate their interest, penalty charges and  personal tax liabilities.

He looks after a wide range of clients and is familiar with complex tax matters including the penalty waivers. His insight to HMRC’s method of working has saved clients substantial sums.


  • Michael – Director. Successful appeal against penalty charge for late submission of 2017/18 P11D form. The end result was that the penalty charge was completely withdrawn.
  • Sanchez -employee. Successful appeal against the penalty for sending the 2016/17 Self-Assessment tax return in late as client was not self-employed and therefore was not required to complete a tax return. End result- cancellation of penalty charge.
  • Margaret-  employee. A DDS client who failed to disclose rental income for earlier years because she had suffered a bereavement, loss of her father. The situation explained to HMRC who accepted the DDS disclosure and issued a letter of acceptance of offer.
  • Gian- pensioner. A DDS client who failed to disclose a foreign property disposal and foreign disability pension. Gian was in a nursing home and I helped his wife with the DDS disclosure and convinced HMRC that in the absence of certain records and the clients health situation that there was no further information the client could provide. End result: DDS disclosure accepted by HMRC.
  • Glasgow- Self-employed. As the client was in and out of hospital because of his health situation I responded to his emails promptly and helped him to establish his tax position expeditiously despite heavy workloads. End result – client emails that I was so helpful and understanding.


Outside of work Manish crosses the boundaries of culture and enjoys singing, mainly 60s and 70s songs in Hindi and in English.

He’s hoping for an early lottery win to aid his plans for retirement but in the meantime Johnsons, and his clients, enjoy the pleasure of his company and expertise.