Registered Audit Firm London

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A Leading London Audit Firm

We’re a registered audit firm, based in west London, with significant experience in :

Our audit fees are considerably less than those of a typical central London firm.

Reducing Your Statutory Audit Workload

We’ll reduce your external audit workload by:

  • Minimising your audit emails – and queries – by using our audit portal, specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Minimising our time at your office – by working remotely when able to do so.
  • Leveraging our previous experience of auditing many accounting and ERP systems.
  • Working efficiently – and minimising the time required by your staff, and directors.

Financial Audit Clients

Our audit staff have previously worked on audits of Apple, Fitbit, Airbnb, Fujifilm – and many smaller international and UK businesses. We have a client on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and audit well-known companies including Sharp Electronics and Kuoni.

Benefits of Our External Audit Service

We help ensure you are compliant with UK legislation and better understand your commercial risks. Our due diligence services provide assurance by examining your financial accounting and value drivers.

Audit Firm Compliance

We’re regulated by the ICAEW. When required, our audits are fully compliant with:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • FRS102, 102 Section 1A, 103 and 104 under the UK FRC.
  • Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) testing of UK subsidiaries of US-listed companies.
  • International Accounting Standards (IAS).

About Us

  • We have a team of 10 experienced auditors, from ex-top-4 and top-15 firms.
  • We are a full-service, mid-sized audit firm (60 staff). We have the resources to meet your audit requirements – and are small enough to care.

Audit Case Studies

  • Whilst auditing a new client we identified they had not previously claimed their Employer’s allowances. We were able to reclaim them – for the previous 4 tax years – saving our client considerable costs.
  • A new client needed an audit completed within 14 days of contacting us. They also had little time available to liaise with us. We accessed their records remotely and audited the company with minimum impact on our client’s management. We signed off the audit report, by the filing deadline, without jeopardising its quality.
  • We identified during our first audit that our client had held patents. We saved 9% of the company’s relevant profit – and also made back-claims on profits for the previous six years.

Contact us today to relieve your audit headache, remain in compliance with UK legislation, and reduce your audit fee. You’ll be pleased you did.

*on December 22nd 2022.