Tax Advisor Services – Double Taxation and Double Tax Relief (DTR)

International tax matters are complex, and each country has its own rules. Each country seeks to treat its citizens fairly and to collect its fair share of tax from economic activity and its citizens.

But what happens when it is unclear which country is entitled to collect the tax?

Tax treaties help determine that and the UK has an extensive network of double tax treaties which seek to clarify what income is taxed and in what country. If the matter cannot be resolved via the treaties then some statutory reliefs may be available.

How We Help with Double Taxation

We regularly advise overseas clients – ex-pats and others – on their UK tax obligations. Often this is more than compliance – and we can obtain unexpected additional tax benefits for clients.

This is a specialist area. It’s important to get the right advice. We have vast experience dealing with international tax and double taxation. 60% of our tax staff have previously worked for HMRC – so we know how to effectively work with them – on your behalf.

Examples of Our Double Taxation Advice

  • Recently an Indian national approached us for assistance with their tax returns and we identified that their tax code had been incorrectly adjusted by HMRC, we were able to leverage our experience to deal with this.
  • A French national relocated to the UK and sought our advice to file his first tax return. On reviewing his affairs we advised him to restructure his UK tax affairs and he received an annual tax refund of around £30,000.
  • A client emigrated to the Middle East and received a UK income tax demand of over £700,000. We successfully argued with HMRC that this arose from non-UK taxable income – and he obtained a refund.

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