Audit Firm London Sector Experience

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Audit Firm London Sector Experience

We are an experienced London audit firm. Our specific audit experience in multiple sectors will reduce your audit workload – and costs.

We’ve audit experience in the following sectors:

  • Cost-plus entities – UK subsidiaries of foreign companies working on a cost-plus basis for products and services produced outside of the UK.
  • Energy: oil and gas
  • FCA regulated firms
  • Foreign owned subsidiaries
  • Lenders
  • Logistics
  • Lawyers and Solicitors
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Pensions – sales and marketing divisions
  • Software
  • Suppliers
  • Tech Travel and ATOL 

Listed Company Audits

We are one of only 38 UK audit firms* authorised by the UK Financial Reporting Council (FRC) to undertake audits of Public Interest Entities (PIE). We’re regulated by ICAEW.

Reducing Your Financial Audit Workload

We’ll minimise the impact of your audit workload by:

  • Utilising our sector-specific expertise.
  • Reducing your audit email correspondence – and queries – by using our audit portal, designed exactly for this purpose.
  • Minimising our time at your office – by working remotely when able to do so.
  • Leveraging our previous audit experience with many accounting and ERP systems.
  • Working efficiently – and minimising the time required by your staff, and directors,

Next Step

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