Tax Advisor Services – Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Stuart Thomson Managing Director Johnsons chartered accountants London Karim Jivraj, Senior Manager

Our Capital Gains Tax advisor helps clients avoid traps and minimise taxes. That’s because there are a huge number of options, alternatives and play-offs available.

Many new clients were simply unaware of the scale of UK CGT tax savings available to them until they spoke to us.

We provide tailor-made CGT advice on property, shares, and other investments, for your specific needs

Our Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Advice

We’ve been able to help clients substantially reduce their CGT using the following:

  • Relief for primary residences.
  • Roll-over reliefs.
  • Re-investment reliefs.
  • Exemptions from CGT.
  • Negligible value claims.
  • Entrepreneurs’ relief and other business exits.
  • Indexation allowance for companies (for assets acquired before 2018).

We recommend you seek our advice before selling a valuable asset.

Capital Gains Tax Advice Case Study 1) Mr and Mrs W

The problem

Mr and Mrs W wanted to give away assets to their children. There was a very complex history surrounding the family home, part of which was lived in by one child.

The property had been redeveloped and expanded and contained additional development land. Mr and Mrs W wanted to understand their capital gains position to adjust their gift using other assets.

How we helped

We reviewed the history of ownership and beneficial interest in the property, along with the different uses and developments of the site.

The result

Mr and Mrs W received a complex capital gains calculation setting out the various parameters and key factors so future estate planning could be undertaken.

Capital Gains Tax Advice Case Study 2) The T Family

The problem

The T Family called us as they were about to exchange on the purchase of their new home. But their solicitor had advised they had to pay an additional £5,000 because the property had a granny annexe.

How we helped

We reviewed the proposed purchase and the property and concluded that Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) was incorrect and should be reduced by £68,000 instead.

The result

HMRC approved the SDLT return saving £73,000.

Contact us to minimise or start planning to reduce your Capital Gains Tax.