Company Restructuring

Chartered Accountant Ealing Stuart Thomson

Company Restructuring

We can help you structure or restructure your business to improve performance. Examples include:

  • Divorce or business separation-related issues:
    • Splitting staff
    • Splitting clients
  • Turning around distressed companies.
    • Growing sales
    • Cutting costs
    • Improving efficiencies
  • Business Acquisitions
    • Systems Integration
    • Staff incentive planning
    • Centralisation services
  • Adding new services and products
  • Adding locations

Most new clients are unaware of the substantial restructuring tax savings we can achieve. That’s because our tax services are backed by:

  • An in-house Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA). CTA is the UK’s highest tax qualification.
  • Tax staff who have previously worked for HMRC, so we know how to work with them on your behalf effectively.

Real World Restructuring Expertise

We understand restructuring. Rather than just advising on them, we’ve carried out restructuring ourselves.

  • Bought and successfully restructured multiple firms.
  • Stuart Thomson, our MD:
    • Advised on the PFI of a hospital, the debt restructure of Croydon Tramlink and the National Air Traffic Control System (NATS) privatisation.
    • Was previously a Private Equity principal.

Johnsons, Chartered Accountants

  • We’re a full-service firm of Chartered Accountants.
  • We’ve 70 staff – all based in the UK to maintain quality.
  • We provide advice, resources and restructuring services tailored to your specific needs.

Next Step

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