International Services

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International Services

We provide a range of international services, in addition to those provided by a typical firm of accountants, such as services for UK businesses with foreign owners (for audits and accounts, etc).

We have many high-net-worth Asian, Middle Eastern, Russian and American clients. We well understand the double tax treaties that impact individuals and corporates – and how to use them to your advantage.


International VAT advice involves more than calculating VAT and submitting VAT returns. It can involve structuring affairs to minimise VAT costs.

  • Cross Border Intra EU VAT.
  • Only complete VAT forms for the UK.
  • Import/export VAT.
  • Special areas:
    • Distance selling into overseas countries.
    • Digital delivery of services.
    • Use of VAT warehouses.

Transfer Pricing

We work with a variety of corporate clients, trading across group companies and international boundaries, who regularly need to consider VAT on their purchase and sale prices to remain compliant with tax authorities.