Tax Advisor Services – Inheritance Tax Planning Expert

Tax Advisor Services – Inheritance Tax Planning Expert

We offer tailored IHT planning and advice for asset-rich UK individuals.

We’ll enable you to pass on more of your hard-earned wealth to your loved ones. Many new clients were simply initially unaware of the substantial tax savings available from our in-depth IHT expertise.

Your Inheritance Tax Advisor

We draw on three core Inheritance Tax (IHT) disciplines to help you pass on your wealth to the next generation – tax, probate experience and finance advice.

We can help you reduce your IHT using our estate planning expertise in the following:

IHT Case Study

The IHT Problem

Our Client, in his 80s, owned a hotel and wanted to minimise his inheritance tax (IHT) and ensure his estate passed to his children.

How We Helped

We used our combined expertise in tax planning, investment management and probate to meet his objectives. We then helped him implement it correctly – ensuring arrangements were watertight. Our probate execution and probate administration service will also administer his estate.

The Result

The Client’s estate will be passed on to children, and his family will save £2m in taxes.

Case Study: Gift to Daughter

The Problem

Our client was concerned about the inheritance he wanted to give to his only daughter. We were asked for estate planning advice.

How We Helped

We combined tax advice with mortgage and investment advice. We created a structure which transferred income-producing property assets to the daughter whilst securing a lump sum which would be invested out of the scope of inheritance tax

The Result

Our client achieved his goal – his daughter bought the property – which was funded by the difference between their income tax rates.

Contact us today to relieve your inheritance planning headache – and reduce your taxes. You’ll be pleased you did.