Tax Advisor Services – R & D Tax Credits

Tax Advisor Services – R & D Tax Credits

We’ll quickly, and efficiently, maximise your claims for Research and Development (R&D) tax credits. We provide comprehensive advice, for example, we can integrate R&D tax credit advice with:

We’ll optimise your current situation – and help you better plan for your future.

R&D Tax Credits

Research and development (R&D) tax credits enable companies to invest in innovative products and services. The scheme offers companies an opportunity to claim back a proportion of R&D costs,

Your company size and how your R&D activity is structured will determine how you can claim. Claims can either reduce current/future corporation tax or generate a “no strings attached” cash injection from HMRC.

Case Study:

A client review identified a failure to claim R&D tax credits. (Their former accountant had advised them they did not qualify.)

How We Helped

We identified changes to enable current and historic expenditures to be claimed for R&D tax credits.

The Outcome

We enabled the client to generate an additional £100,000 p.a. in cashflow from ongoing development.

Contact us today to claim your R&D tax credits – and improve your overall tax position.