Family Estate Planning Service

Family Estate Planning Service

Before speaking to us, most new clients are unaware of the substantial tax savings achievable by optimising their family estate planning. 

We’ll ensure your hard-earned wealth is passed to your beneficiaries – and relieve your planning headache.

We do so by combining multiple areas of our expertise:

Frequent Estate Planning Issues

Areas in which we frequently assist include:

  • Transferring assets to other family members
  • Transferring properties into company structures.
  • Creating a remuneration strategy to minimise total taxes across salary, dividends, pensions and capital gains.
  • Buying/selling commercial properties.
  • Business start-up issues.
  • Minimising

Estate Planning Case Study

The Estate Planning Problem

Our Client, in his 80s, owned a hotel and wanted to minimise his inheritance tax (IHT) and ensure his estate passed to his children.

How We Helped

We used our combined expertise in: tax planning, investment management and probate to meet his objectives. We then helped him implement it correctly – ensuring arrangements were watertight. Our probate execution and probate administration service will also administer his estate.

The Result

The Client’s estate will be passed on to children and his family will save £2m in taxes.

Next Step

Contact us today to relieve your estate planning headache – and reduce your taxes. You’ll be pleased you did.